I like the art of making pizza and I like to share it. It's that simple...

I make one take-out order a week when it's convenient for me. I don't charge for it. You take it, enjoy it and spread the "pizza love" by paying it forward,  being a happy,  well fed,  good human being.  

Total takeout items made to date: 356 People on "The List": 307  (Updated Mar. 12, 2023)

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The Pizzas

This is my own style. The crust leans thick-crust Detroit Pan Style but wont make the Detroit purist's list. This is the far and away most requested pie I make. Many reviews indicating, "This is the best pizza I've ever had."  My from scratch pizza dough that has been perfected to have a open soft crumb and pillowy moist texture,  homemade sauce, that crispy pan pizza bottom with the signature caramelized cheese crust with "Chelagmites" rising to the sky,  a thin layer of turkey pepperoni under the generous part-skim mozzarella cheese with a little pecorino romano and parmesano regiano. All cooked to golden brown deliciousness. You can get it without the pepperoni but I think that just makes the pizza gods sad...

Not NY style but leans that way.  My from scratch pizza dough,  stretched see-through thin,  light mozzarella, with a little pecorino romano and parmagiano reggiano.  Add fresh basil and/or turkey pepperoni option. 

My from scratch pizza dough,  homemade sauce,  a generous bubbly crust,  local fresh mozzarella, premium extra virgin olive oil.

The Sause-less version of the thin crust.  My from scratch pizza dough,  stretched see-through thin with a thin layer of Ricotta con latte a la Biggzee, topped with a layer of mozzarella and a little olive oil. 

The Sides

5 oz of Turkey Pepperoni, light mozzerella, pecorino romano, parmeseano reggiano,  and premium extra virgin olive oil all rolled into a nice tight golden brown and delicious package.   

Oven fresh from scratch bread, topped with a garlic butter and olive oil concoction, toasted to golden brown perfection.

Oven fresh from scratch bread, topped with my garlic butter and olive oil concoction and a light triple cheese dusting of love of mozzrella, romano, and parm all toasted to golden brown perfection.

Pick up is from my home in north Bethlehem, PA between 4-6pm on Saturdays. More details will be given after you order.

2020 gave me a lot of time to go from a pre-made-dough-throw-together-at-home pizza cook to knowing one hell a lot about flour,  yeast,  dough hydration, sauce, cheese, dough stretching technique,  patience, and attention to detail. I treat my pizza recipes as a constant work-in-progress and know the details of each ingredient down to the gram. It's about making better pizza. I don't play in the stringent lines of style but lean toward the best parts of each in most cases. I keep it to one order a week because that's what I want to do, to keep it fun and not a job. (I have 5 of those already, literally). If you want in on the love,  get on my waiting list. I'll hit you up a week before I have a date for you.   ~Biggzee

Chickentown Style - Style Deep Dish


American Thin Crust


One to-go order weekly

The White Thin Crust

Good things take time.

Chickentown Style Crispy Bottom